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The rediscovery center in Wehea will be used to reconnect the Wehea youth (target audience) with their natural environment. Logging and palm oil plantations have separated the Wehea Dayak from their forest and a generation of youth is growing up without a physical and cultural connection to their forest. Chief Ledjie Taq of the Wehea Dayak believes that the development of an environmental education and cultural rediscovery center in Wehea Forest will help to protect their culture and their forest. 



The Wehea rediscovery program will focus on youth ages 10 to 16. A total of sixty youth from the six Wehea Dayak villages will spend up to one week in the Wehea Forest with an elder from the village, two rangers and one rediscovery staff member. During their week in Wehea, youth will work closely with the Dayak elders to learn about the flora and fauna of Wehea Forest, and spiritually important locations and stories and songs will be passed down during nightly fire circles. Rediscovery staff, with the advice and guidance of Wehea Elders, will seek to open Wehea youth to a renewed contact with the land and heritage around them. Wilderness activities, blended with native culture, will strengthen love and respect for Nature. Students will combine their traditional knowledge of the land with scientific knowledge by working with trained ranger parabiologists to monitor and document the biodiversity of Wehea. This will include climbing into an orangutan nest to learn about the orangutans in their forest, checking camera traps and conducting line transect surveys. Students will also have the opportunity to climb into the canopy to learn about the flora and fauna found in the trees.


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