Professional Development

The future of Wehea Forest, and the long-term success of this project, depend on building human resources in local community to sustainably manage Wehea forest. Research shows that local forest management alone does not guarantee successful conservation outcomes, but that long-term success relies on building local capacity. To that end, ICON has ongoing computer, budgeting and management training courses. In addition, ICON recently constructed the Wehea Conservation Center, which is quickly becoming the hub of conservation activities in the region. 

Economic and Professional Development Objectives:

EHD1: Scale up the agro-forestry program (Letap Hiq)

EHD2: Develop economic opportunities through ecotourism and research programs EHD3: Establish common eco-tourism and research protocols

EHD4: Develop the Wehea Conservation Center (WCC) complex

EHD5: Implement management training programs at the WCC

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