Miller's Grizzled Langur


Almost nothing is known about the status or biology of Miller’s Grizzled Langur (Presbytis hosei canicrus). As forests are lost at record pace, it is imperative to gain a better understanding of the ecological requirements of this endangered primate and its distribution and abundance in East Kalimantan. Wehea Forest is an ideal location for this study as it contains the only two known populations of P.h. canicrus (Loken et al unpubl. 2011) and has substantial buy-in and engagement from the local Dayak community, a nearly unique situation in Indonesia. 




Research Goal - Enhance conservation efforts to protect P.h. canicrus by conducting research on the status, distribution and biology of P.h. canicrus

Conservation Goal - Protect critical habit necessary to sustain the only known populations of P.h. canicrus

Outreach Goal - Reduce human impacts that threaten the survival of P.h. canicrus

Project Summary:

This project is the next phase of a multi-year conservation plan for protecting the biodiversity of Wehea Forest. Building upon the successful 2011 biodiversity study, this project integrates research, conservation and education activities to help build a sustainable and holistic conservation program. The research program will provide insights on an extremely rare and endangered monkey, as well as monitor mammal diversity, abundances and activity. Education activities will seek to change individual mindsets about hunting and habitat protection. Steps will be taken to establish a conservation area, thus protecting critical habitat. A monitoring and reporting program will evaluate management effectiveness.

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Collaborating Scientists

Dr. Stephanie Spehar - Dr. Spehar is principle investigator on the Miller's Grizzled Langur study. She is an assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh and has conducted primate research in Wehea since 2008. Dr. Spehar will also assist in training of rangers in biodiversity monitoring and data management.

Dr. Stanislav Lhota - Dr. Lhota, a primatologist, has been living and working in East Kalimantan since 2006. He is leading conservation efforts in the Bay of Balikpapan in East Kalimantan. He was the Principal Investigator on Icon’s 2011 biodiversity study in Wehea and will be involved in continued research on primates and biodiversity monitoring in Wehea.

Brent Loken - Brent is collaborating with Dr. Spehar and Dr. Lhota on this research project in Wehea. He is Executive Director of Integrated Conservation, Pierre Elliott Trudeau Scholar, Vanier Scholar and currently a P.h.D student at Simon Fraser University. Brent has been involved in work with Wehea since 2009.

Nunuk Kasyanto- Nunuk is the Research and Education Coordinator for Integrated Conservation and will help organize this study. He has extensive knowledge of the forest, the biodiversity found in Wehea and experience working with the Wehea rangers. He has been documenting the biodiversity in Wehea since 2007. His passion and dedication to Wehea is an inspiration.


All photos by Eric Fell 

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