Comments from Borneo 2011 Expedition Students:

"The field course has given me the opportunity to network across various disciplines, expand my knowledge, and develop friendships that will last a lifetime. Thank you so much!"


"The expedition was more than I had expected. I learned so much and feel that I got so many opportunities out of this. Worth every penny!"


"This field school was truly a special experience. The village of Nehas Liah Bing welcomed us with open arms and soon we were part of the big family. This experience cast a whole new perspective on ethnoecology research. This was personal and built on relationships with community members, unlike literature-based research which is impersonal. I now care deeply about what happens to Nehas Liah Bing in the coming years."


"I have no doubt I will look back on this experience and be amazed at its richness. I am certain the experience will be imprinted on my psyche and will linger in ways no other traveling experience has or will. Nehas Liah Bing, its people and Borneo are now a part of me forever."


"Nehas Liah Bing, the Wehea Protected Forest, every person, river and ceremony create in oneself a new realm of understanding – it is an unparalleled experience."


"Be open to learning – learning about a place, its peoples, the world we live in and mostly be open to learning from yourself." “Percaya Diri” – Believe in yourself (Bahasa Indonesia)


"An excellent learning experience – definitely a great platform to build onto bigger things and greater opportunities."




"Ethical Expeditions helps fill a huge gap in modern society; the gap between what's taught in the classroom and the day-to-day miracles happening outside. I can think of no better way to close this gap than to get kids into wild areas where Nature does the teaching, affecting students in ways that stick for the rest of their lives."
-- Karsten Heuer

"I believe that the approach of Ethical Expeditions, to bring young people in direct contact with the problems of our developing world during an eight week period, is to be applauded. I myself was motivated by such a visit to Borneo and the impressions I gained changed my whole life and career. And looking back 20 years ago at the small school in Borneo that made the change, that became the start of what is now the world's largest primate conservation project, I can tell you that there is such pure potential amongst these young people, such energy and dedication, that we are obliged to give them a view that is wider than that of their computer monitors. Keep it up, will be happy to help in any way I can!"
-- Willie Smits

"Travel is one of the most important things for a student to experience, to grow, to learn. Travel outside of our country changes students. I've watched students be transformed during their trips abroad. Ethical Expeditions provides these kinds of trips for students."
-- Dennis Littky

"I feel much more empowered to go home and make change, fight for these things, and try to help save and protect these places we’ve seen. This field school impacted the way I think about possibilities, priorities and education. Thanks for a life changing experience."

-- Borneo 2010 Expedition Fellow

"This expedition helped me to look inside myself and discover what I, personally, am driven to do to make change."
-- Borneo 2010 Expedition Fellow

"I am very thankful for your presentation, I am more mindful about what I buy, I am looking at labels, and thinking of writing a letter to my local store to ask them to be more aware of palm oil and try to restrain from having it in their store."
-- Secondary Student

"We learned how the earth’s rainforests are being damaged by the mass production of palm oil taking place and also the effect that the loss of these forests will have on our future. It is amazing and horrific the damage that has already been done to the forests; including the animals, humans and plant life."
-- Secondary Student

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