ICON’s Selected Media Coverage

Discovery of orangutan terrestriality - Bornean orangutans travel along the ground

Global News interview of ICON’s ground-breaking research about orangutans

Newscientist - Tree loving orangutans hang out on the forest floor

Science Daily - Borneo's Orangutans Are Coming Down from the Trees; Behavior May Show Adaptation to Habitat Change

Rediscovery of extinct monkey

Slate News: "Extinct" Monkey Miller's Grizzled Langur Found in Borneo

CNN: Monkey some thought extinct found in Borneo forest

Reuters: Indonesian monkey species back from the dead 

Scientific American: Nearly Extinct Primate Rediscovered in Borneo

National Geographic: Pictures: "Extinct" Monkeys With Sideburns Found in Borneo

BBC Nature: Elusive endangered monkeys caught on camera in Borneo

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